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The Woodsmeister: About My Diabetes

I have Type II diabetes. Essentially, my body does not produce an adequate supply of insulin, which promotes the absorption of blood sugar from the blood into the cells, where it's needed. I control my diabetes with oral medication and diet.

If I Should Eat at Your Place

First off, I can eat whatever I want and nobody's going to stop me. However, there are things that I am better off not eating. Essentially, my diet involves regulating the amount of carbohydrates I eat (not necessarily sugars). It is a common misconception that diabetics should avoid processed sugars completely. The truth is that we really need to count carbohydrates, since carbohydrates are what our bodies turn into blood sugars.

I have a pretty good idea of about how much food I can eat and stay within my limits. You don't have to fix special food for me. However, if it gives you pleasure to prepare food with no or limited amounts of processed sugars, I am more than happy to partake, and I will feel honored that you have done so.

You also don't have to feel embarrassed for me if I refuse a food or dessert you offer everyone else. Also, please don't take it personally. I know my limits. I'm cool with it. If I spent my time obsessing about what everybody else was eating I'd be pretty miserable and waste a whole lot of psychic energy for no good reason.

At some time, I may need to sneak off discreetly and measure my blood sugar level. I will not make a big deal about it.

If I Stay Overnight

Typically, before I go to bed, I will need a light snack. A small bowl of cereal, some potato chips or pretzels, some crackers, or an orange, etc., will suffice.

Diabetes Links

At some point soon, I hope to add some links here to diabetes information and organizations.