Just like a real folk festival, but without all the sweaty people and the overpriced vegetarian food.

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Submissions Policy

Updated 9/13/2009

Festival Radio happily accepts submissions from artists wishing airplay.  I ask the following:

  • Please listen to the station first and ask yourself--does my music fit into this format?
  • If you have a website that lists radio stations providing airplay to your music, I would appreciate a link to this website.  Why?  Because your fans ought to know that they can hear your music on this station.

What to Send

  • If possible, I prefer to receive a professionally duplicated production run airplay/promo copy of your CD.  I will accept electronic audio files if CDs are not available.  I would prefer to download them myself - please do not send mp3 files as attachments without asking first.
  • Given the high cost of postage, I am happy to download work, especially from artists who live overseas and in Canada, but also from independent artists.  Please send me an email with a direct link to the tracks you wish me to preview.
  • One-sheet (bio, info about the album, etc.)
  • Please completely tag your mp3 files (artist, track name, album name).

What Not to Send

  • Extensive press kit with glossy photos.
  • Promotional tchotchkes (pens, postcards, calendars, T-shirts, etc.)
  • MP3 files via e-mail.  I will be happy to visit a direct download link, but I would prefer not to receive mp3 attachments.  Please ask before you send an mp3 file directly.
  • Don't send me an email invitation to visit your website and listen to your music.  I barely have enough time to preview the physical disks I receive as well as the other audio files I've been asked to download.  If you send me a direct link to files to download, then I can download them and listen at my convenience.  Honestly, I will forget to visit your website, but I will click on a link to download an mp3 directly.
  • CD-R demos of your songs -  given how relatively inexpensive home recording equipment and CD pressing services have become, I don't think this is unreasonable.

Where to Send What You're Sending

Submissions may be sent to:

Festival Radio
c/o Greg Grant
6333 Well Fleet Dr
Columbus OH 43231

Other things you ought to know:

I will be happy to confirm whether I received a CD you sent, but I would prefer not to receive e-mails asking me how I liked it.

If I add your music to Festival Radio, I will post that fact to my blog.  I also report all adds to the Folk DJ List (FOLKDJ-L),  I  may or may not review your music on the blog.  You are free to use any unsolicited comment that I might make on your music for your own publicity purposes.  If I do not volunteer comment, that does not mean I did not like it - adding it to Festival Radio means that I found something I liked well enough to put in front of my listeners as worthy of being heard by them.  I just might not have anything to say about it other than that it is worthy of airplay.

Generally, physical CDs get reviewed more quickly than mp3 files because I can listen to them at work and in my car.

It may take me a few weeks to preview your music.   I try to review music in something akin to the order they are received, but if I get the new advance CD in the mail from Nanci Griffith or Pierce Pettis, it's going into the preview queue before your CD, and that's just the way it is.

You can see whether your music is in rotation on any station on live365 by going to the Listen page and entering your name or the album name in the search box.  Any station that has your music in rotation or has played it recently will be returned by the search function.

If you're on Myspace.com, I'd like to be your friend.

Festival Radio reserves the right NOT to add a submitted track for reasons including, but not limited to the following:

  • Stylistically, it does not fit my format.  I know it seems like my format contains a wide variety of material, but there are places stylistically I will not go.
  • Poor production quality
  • Off-pitch singing.  I sing classical music in a symphony chorus, so I know a little about singing. I might excuse a missed note or two in an otherwise strong live performance, but I will not air musicians with continuous pitch problems in a studio setting.
  • Cliché-filled, trite high-school poetry quality lyrics.
  • Track contains profanity or other language that I find offensive.
  • I just don't like it