Just like a real folk festival, but without all the sweaty people and the overpriced vegetarian food.

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They do what they do.  Some are folk, some country, some hard to classify.  They sing, they write, and you'll hear them all on Festival Radio.

Hugh Blumenfeld:  Literate, funny singer/songwriter from Connecticut.  Also maintains great folk music links site, Balladtree.com

Billy Bragg: British folk/pop icon, heavily into politicized folk music. Recently worked with Wilco to set unpublished Woody Guthrie lyrics to music.

Chuck Brodsky:  Best singer/songwriter about baseball, ever.  Writes some pretty good songs about other topics, too.

Kate Campbell:  Southern singer/songwriter who writes powerful songs about being from the South.  Great live performer.

Guy Clark: Long-established Texas singer/songwriter

Bruce Cockburn:  Canadian national treasure who ought to be a star everywhere after 20+ albums of remarkable guitar playing and songs of beauty and conscience.

Bob Dylan: Can't say anything about Bob that hasn't already been said better than I can say it

Vance Gilbert: Excellent performer, singer, and songwriter.  He's hilarious.  See him live if he comes near your neighborhood.

John Gorka:  He's from New Jersey.  It's like Ohio, but even more so.  Imagine that!.  Seriously, one of the best singer/songwriters performing today.

Greg Greenway:  Energetic, socailly conscious Boston-based performer

Patty Griffin:  Critically acclaimed singer/songwriter.

Mark Heard:  One of the best songwriters I've ever heard. Put out several great albums that were mostly ignored during his lifetime.  Poetic genius.

Kate Jacobs:  Hoboken-based singer/songwriter who has led a remarkable life and has three albums of remarkable songs.

Lucy Kaplansky:  NYC singer/songwriter who's day job was as a psychologist before gong back to music fulltime.  With Dar Williams and Richard Shindell, formed group Cry, Cry, Cry.

Jan Krist:  Humorous, engaging, indie singer/songwriter from Detroit.

Bill Mallonee: Former lead singer and songwriter for the Vigilantes of Love, now a solo artist

Eleanor McEvoy:  One of Ireland's favorite singer/songwriter's.  Deserves to be as star in the States.

Lori McKenna:  Boston area singer/songwriter

James McMurtry:  Yeah, he's Larry McMurtry's son.  So what?  He's a keen observer who writes wry, dry, witty songs about life in Texas (and elsewhere).

Lynn Miles:  Canadian singer/songwriter.  One of my favorites.  Try Unravel.

Bill Morrissey: New England singer/songwriter with a distinctive voice and a sharp wit.

Pierce Pettis:  Singer/songwriter from Alabama and huge Mark Heard fan who has been recording a Mark Heard song on each of his recent albums.  Has had a song covered by Garth Brooks.

Ellis Paul:  Boston area singer/songwriter.  Very engaging performer--see him live.

Alice Peacock: Chicago-based singer/songwriter, now on a major label.

Eddi Reader:  Former singer for Fairground Attraction, has put out several really fine solo albums since.  Gorgeous voice.

Amy Rigby:  Critically acclaimed singer/songwriter, now in Nashville.

Richard Shindell:  One of the best singer/songwriters recording today.

Todd Snider: Portland native, and one of the funniest singer/songwriters working today.  On John Prine's OhBoy label.

Greg Trooper:  Nashville-based singer/songwriter.  Has had songs recorded by Steve Earle, Robert Earl Keen, Billy Bragg and others.

Susan Werner:  Killer torch singer/pianist doubling as a singer/songwriter.  See her live.

Cheryl Wheeler: One of the funniest people on the planet.  See her live.

Brooks Williams:  One of the best guitarists on the planet.  Plus he sings and writes songs.

Victoria Williams:  Quirky, occasionally sublime, always entertaining.

Adrienne Young: Her debut album, Plow to the End of the Row, successfully blends a wide variety of contemporary and traditional folk stylings