Just like a real folk festival, but without all the sweaty people and the overpriced vegetarian food.

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These folks are doing it their own selves. Most of them are recording on their own label or are self-producing their music.  Festival Radio is especially proud to support these artists.

Luke Brindley:  Accomplished guitarist, admittedly influenced by Bruce Cockburn.  

Eddie From Ohio:  One of the great indie folk bands--they have self-released every one of their albums and tour relentlessly.

Deirdre Flint:  Hilarious singer/songwriter from Philadelphia.

Wayne Greene:  Singer/songwriter from Frisco, Texas (future home of the AA Rangers affiliate) and the voice of Radiowayne on live365.com.

Julie Grower:  New York singer/songwriter now based in Nashville.  One of the first indies I played on the OFF.

Jason Harrod:  Half of former Boston folk duo Harrod and Funck, now solo in North Carolina.  Recent award-winner at MerleFest.

Matthew Hart: LA singer/songwriter by way of Austin, Texas.  Formerly with Those Who Dig.

Claire Holley:  Talented singer/songwriter living in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The Kennedys:  Pete and Maura Kennedy may be the grooviest couple in all of folk music, and Pete is one of the better guitar players you'll ever hear, having toured in both Mary-Chapin Carpenter's and Nanci Griffith's bands.

Kurt M. Landre:  Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Portland, Oregon

Anais Mitchell: up and coming young songwriter from New England.

Karen Mal:  Austin singer/songwriter and mandolinist.  Kerrville New Folk Finalist

Carol Noonan:  First came to regional prominence in New England with Knots and Crosses (who you can also hear on this station).  After the group disbanded, released albums for Rounder that were critically acclaimed, but didn't sell well.  Now based in Maine and releasing albums of originals and Celtic/traditional music, she'll include a moose postcard with your order. Really.  I am not making this up.  Order one and see.

David Piper: California singer/songwriter

Jan Seides: Austin singer/songwriter, who has had a song aired on Car Talk

David Stoddard: David Stoddard is one of folk music's undiscovered treasures.  The dry wit and instrumental skill of his solo work are truly outstanding.

Chris Stuart: Merlefest songwriting award winner, has had songs recorded by Claire Lynch.  First solo album, Angels of Mineral Springs, is outstanding.

Carla Ulbrich: She makes me laugh and she plays guitar really well.

Cyd Ward:  Florida singer/songwriter

Patti Witten:  Award-winning songwriter from the Ithaca, New York area.

Diane Zeigler:  Award-winning Vermont singer/songwriter.