Hard Drive Failure

The hard drive on which I keep the music for Festival Radio has crashed. I will be trying to retrieve the data (like a chucklehead, I do not have the ripped music backed up – my system is quite ancient in computer terms).

So, as a result, updates to Festival Radio will be slowed down somewhat in the near future as I deal with this issue. I’ll keep adding new music, and will be busy re-ripping old favorites.

New Adds, August 3, 2007

New Album Adds to the Online Folk Festival, August 3, 2007

  • Emily Kurn – Things Change
  • Brad Colerick – Lines in the Dirt
  • JD and the Longfellows – Confessions
  • Gwendolyn – Lower Mill Road
  • Dale Boyle – Small Town Van Gogh
  • Keith Greeninger – Glorious Peasant
  • Scott Orr – Miles From Today
  • Lisa Lawrence – Yours to Break
  • Hem – Home Again, Home Again

Top 28, Online Folk Festival, July 2007

Listenership has hit a summer lull for the Online Folk Festival, so we have only a Top 28 for you for July:

Artist – “Song” – Album

1. Johnny Cash – “Ballad Of Barbara” – Live from Austin, TX
2. Stan Bozek – “Vaquero” – Solo
3. Knot Fibb’n – “The Catholic Boy/Fiddler’s Green” – Knot Loitering
4. Carol Noonan – “Emma” – Somebody’s Darling: Songs of War, Loss and Remembrance
5. Grey Eye Glances – “Halfway Back” – Eventide
6. Suzzy & Maggie Roche – “Who Cares” – These Times We’re Living In
7. Mark Knopfler – “Done With Bonaparte” – Golden Heart
8. Hannah Blaylock & Edens Edge – “White Oak Trees” – Lights of Home
9. Claudia Russell – “Aurora” – Ready to Receive
10. Christine Kane – “(No Such Thing As) Girls Like That” – Rain And Mud And Wild And Green
11. The Stringbusters – “Holiday For Strings” – Rhapsody in Uke
12. Greg Greenway – “I Love Everybody” – Weightless
13. The Byrds – “Wild Mountain Thyme” – There Is A Season
14. The Burns Sisters band – “Democracy” – Wild Bouquet
15. Steve Robinson – “Please Emmalene” – Undercurrent
16. Bruce Cockburn – “The Whole Night Sky” – The Charity of Night
17. Anonymous 4 with Darol Anger and Mike Marshall – “I’m On My Journey Home” – Gloryland
18. Michael Kelsey – “Rain Whispers” – The Woodchopper’s Ball
19. Richard Shindell – “The Next Best Western” – Reunion Hill
20. Kris Drever – “Harvest Gypsies” – Black Water
21. John Denver – “Follow Me / Leaving On A Jet Plane” – An Evening With John Denver
22. Gene Keller – “Big Boys” – Every Song the Mockingbird Knows
23. Mindy Smith – “Jolene” – One Moment More
24. Karen Mal – “Matt Hyland” – Dark Eyed Sailor
25. Ralston – “Everybody But You” – Carwreck Conversations
26. Tom Russell – “Stealing Electricity” – Love and Fear
27. Work of the Weavers – “Long Time Gone (Hudie Ledbetter Was a Hell of a Man)” – We’re Still Here
28. Emmylou Harris – “The Pearl” – Red Dirt Girl

New Adds, July 18

The Online Folk Festival is still on the air, while the negotiations continue with Sound Exchange and Congress considers action. So, stop on by and listen to some of the great new music I’ve added to the station.

New Adds to the Online Folk Festival, July 18, 2007

Artist – Album

Adrienne Young – Room to Grow
Anna Laube – Outta My Head
Anthony da Costa – Quality Time
Arlon Bennett – Summer’s Voice
Brendan Monaghan – No More Words
Butch Baldassari and John Mock – Music of O’Carolan
Dean Phelps – This Old House
Great Lake Swimmers – Ongiara
Lau – Lightweights and Gentlemen
Lennie Gallant – When We Get There
Marie Schumacher – Sometimes at Night
Old Blind Dogs – Four on the Floor
Richard Thompson – Sweet Warrior
Riders in the Sky – Public Cowboy #1
Sharon Bosquet – Temple
Steve Robinson – Undercurrent
The Stringbusters (aka Pete and Maura Kennedy) – Rhapsody in Uke
Todd Snider – Peace, Love and Anarchy

Day of Silence

The Online Folk Festival is participating in the Internet Radio Day of Silence today (6/26/07) . Regular programming will resume tomorrow.

Abominable royalty increases are scheduled to annihilate Internet radio on July 15 if not stopped. To find out how you can help, please go to http://www.live365.com/choice.

New Adds – June 17, 2007

New Adds, Online Folk Festival, June 17, 2007

Artist – Album

Stan Bozek – Solo
Paul Brock and Enda Scahill – Humdinger
Gene Keller – Every Song the Mockingbird Knows
Charlotte Kendrick – North of New York
Marie Knight – Let Us Get Together (A Tribute to Reverend Gary Campbell)
The Tannahill Weavers – Live and In Session

Top 40, May 2007, Online Folk Festival

I know it’s late, but here are the Top 40 for May 2007 for the Online Folk Festival:

Artist – Track – Album
1. Julie Miller – Dancing Girl – Blue Pony
2. Donna Hughes – Sad Old Train – Gaining Wisdom
3. Norman & Nacy Blake – Don’t Fear The Neo-Cons – Back Home In Sulphur Springs
4. Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer – 236-6132 – Drum Hat Buddha
5. James McMurtry – Walk Between the Raindrops – Walk Between the Raindrops
6. Emmylou Harris – The Pearl – Red Dirt Girl
7. Dan Fogelberg – The Reach – The Innocent Age
8. Grey DeLisle – Joanna – Iron Flowers EP
9. Bill Jones – A Brisk Young Sailor – Turn To Me
10. Simon & Garfunkel – El Condor Pasa – Old Friends Live On Stage
11. Joyce Andersen – Filled With Love – Love and Thirst
12. Jason Wilber – Down in Russell Square – Lazy Afternoon
13. Deirdre Flint – 1-900-Score a Date – Then Again
14. Wayne Greene – Grandma’s Pump Organ – Himself
15. The Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir – Soon Ah Will Be Done – Jubilation IV-Acapella
16. Obo Addy – Evening at Kaneshie Market – The Rhythm of Which a Chief Walks Gracefully
17. Ashley Maher – Seven – Flying Over Bridges
18. The Four Bitchin Babes – Just ask your doctor – Hormonal Imbalance
19. Michael Kelsey – Rain Whispers – The Woodchopper’s Ball
20. Kate Rusby & Kathryn Roberts – Hunting the Hare – Kate Rusby & Kathryn Roberts
21. David Bromberg – Shake Sugaree – Try me one more time
22. Abigail Washburn – Single Drop of Honey – Song of the Traveling Daughter
23. Tracy Grammer – Laughlin Boy – Flower of Avalon
24. Third Road Home – Here With You Today – Venus in Retrograde
25. Simon & Garfunkel – America – Old Friends Live On Stage
26. Outback – Dingo Go – Baka
27. Leonard Cohen – Take This Waltz – The Essential Leonard Cohen
28. The Love Hall Tryst – Jack in the Green – Songs of Misfortune
29. The Byrds – Wasn’t Born To Follow – There Is A Season
30. John Gorka – Unblindfold the Referee – Writing in the Margins
31. Solas – Who’s in the What Now – Reunion – A Decade of Solas
32. Pieta Brown – Precious Game – In the Cool
33. Johnny Cash – Ballad Of Barbara – Live from Austin, TX
34. David Mallett – Dulcimer – Midnight on the Water (Live)
35. Robert Earl Keen – Shades Of Gray – Live From Austin TX (2004)
36. Erik Balkey – What Good Am I? – My Sacred Heart
37. Tom Paxton – My Last Love Song – Live At McCabe’s February 23, 1991
38. Pierce Pettis – My Life Of Crime – Making Light Of It
39. John Prine – Morning Train – Fair & Square
40. Emily Maguire – Falling on My Feet – Radio Sampler

This list, created entirely by the listeners clicking on what they like, is fantastic. It includes singer/songwriters, gospel, world folk, bluegrass, folk/pop, folk/rock, alt-country, straight county, acoustic blues, traditional, instrumental folk, and a cappella folk, as well as songs dealing with political topics. Artists are from the US, England, Canada, Africa, and Australia. This list, for me, validates everything I’ve been trying to do by presenting a station that plays a wide variety of folk-related genres, because it shows me that there are people listening who like each type of folky music that I’m playing.

So, listeners, I thank you, and these artists thank you. Keep making me proud.

New Adds, May 22, 2007

New Adds to the Online Folk Festival, May 22, 2007:

Artist – Album

  • Siobhan Quinn and Michael Bowers – Dreamers, Lovers & Outlaws
  • Norman and Nancy Blake – Back Home in Sulphur Springs
  • Loudon Wainwright III – Strange Weirdos
  • Various Artistis – Fresh Cut Bluegrass 2007 (Rounder Records Sampler)
  • Jud Caswell – Blackberry Time
  • Ron Johnson and Mary Matthews – Sunshine State of Mind

The Fresh Cut Bluegrass CD was free at Borders Books and Music. Includes great artists like Alison Krauss, Tony Trischka and Uncle Earl. Can’t beat the price.

Please Come Back!

Reasons to come back to the Online Folk Festival now if you’ve stepped away for awhile:

  • The annoying splash page is gone for the moment from the Live365 website, so you can get right in.
  • I’ve rolled over the entire playlist in the last two weeks.
  • I’ve added a bunch of great new disks in the last two weeks and have some more in the queue (See New Adds)

More New Adds, May 9, 2007

More new adds to the Online Folk Festival:

Artist – Album

The Greencards – Viridian
Lea – Great Big World
Robbie Schaefer – In the Flesh
Tom Paxton – Live at McCages, February 23, 1991
Work of the Weavers – We’re Still Here
Great Big Sea – Courage and Patience and Grit
Paul Reece – I’m Happy Because I Sing

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