In the CD Player Lately

Some albums that I’ve been playing a lot lately on my CD player/on my iPod:

  • Luka Bloom – Dreams in America: Love, love, love the new one from Luka Bloom.  Bloom essentially covers some of his own best songs, with just him and his guitar.  One new track is an inventive cover of the traditional song “Lord Franklin.”  This new CD really highlights Bloom’s ability to inhabit a song.
  • The Call – Red Moon: I hadn’t listened to The Call for awhile.  Then Michael Been died and I pulled them out.  I had forgotten how truly compelling and awesome this band was in their prime. When, oh when, are we going to get CD releases of Modern Romans and Scene Beyond Dreams?  That Best of the Mercury Years compilation doesn’t cut it.
  • Swan Dive – Mayfair: Big fan of Swan Dive since hearing their compilation CD on Compass several years ago.  I finally ponied up for their latest, an import.  I love the retro-pop vibe that the ukeleles give this CD.  I remain impressed that Swan Dive continues to make CDs that mine the retro-pop territory, yet continue to sound fresh.
  • The Chapin Sisters – Two: I love the vocal harmonies and moody atmosphere.
  • The David Wax Museum – Carpenter Bird: Discovered this band on the All Songs Considered podcast and then downloaded their Newport Folk Festival performance and then asked for the album.  I’m a big fan of world folk fusion mashups and The David Wax Museum fuses American and Mexican folk stylings into something that transcends both.
  • Richard Thompson – Dream Attic: I don’t need to tell you that Richard Thompson remains awesome and still shreds a guitar solo better than young turks half his age, do I?

What’s in your player?